Facilitator at Heart


At Gradify, graders have an education credential that is at least one level above that for which they grade. Only those with, or pursuing, a Master's or PhD in that discipline can grade at the undergraduate level; likewise, only PhDs grade at the Master's level, while only those with, or pursuing, an undergraduate degree can grade high-school papers.  


While academic credentials and relevant work experience are important attributes, Gradify admits graders who have a demonstrated record of teaching, tutoring, coaching, mentoring, guiding or otherwise helping others learn. It's one thing to know a subject well, but quite another to want to impart that knowledge through rich feedback.


Gradify admits graders with experience in teaching, grading or tutoring. In all instances, Gradify's matching algorithms look for relevant experience in the specific academic discipline. Professionals from other walks of life are encouraged to apply, as long as they have subject-matter expertise in the academic discipline in which they are seeking to grade.


Gradify offers qualified graders a unique opportunity to monetize their expertise. Grading jobs allow graders to work intensively for short periods at a time, and supplement their incomes. Educators specify what they would pay for grading a batch of assignments. Graders who are a good match are invited to accept, decline, request more information or counter-bid. Gradify widens the pool of qualified graders.