Double-Blind. Secure.


To ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all work materials handled, the platform was designed to facilitate double-blind grading. In other words, graders and instructors do not, by design, know each other's identity. As part of the contracting phase, the grader's anonymized professional credentials are shared with the instructor. However, no instructor information is ever revealed, so as to protect both their identity and, by extension, that of their students. This also ensures that the grading is impartial and objective.


Gradify's platform is hosted  by one of the most secure of infrastructure providers. Our stringent access policies and training practices further ensure the security and confidentiality of all information flowing through the platform.


Gradify uses software to mask any personally-identifying information about instructors and students (or about graders, for that matter). 


Gradify inculcates in its staff and graders the importance of holding all documents in the strictest of confidence. This extends to our infrastructure providers, so as to achieve end-to-end security. Automated and paperless processes also ensure security. More details can be found in our Privacy Notice.