Gradify is a platform that helps instructors find graders to help with the grading of their students' homework assignments.

Feedback is our Hallmark

Gradify requires its Graders to not just score student homework-assignments on a faculty-provided rubric, but also embed feedback helpful to student learning. Feedback must be timely, actionable, granular and supportive (TAGS, for short). If it weren't for the need to provide feedback, Instructors would have no need for a grader. Detailed feedback is what powers student engagement and retention, learning and student success. 

Profile of Graders

We are looking for part-time graders who can work at least 10 hours a week and have the minimum qualifications needed to grade at each of these levels:


Gradify seeks no less than to transform feedback-to-students on homework assignments, so as to improve learning by letting instructors rely on expert TAs, while they concentrate on updating course content, innovating on pedagogy, and keeping up-to-date on their research and other scholarly duties.

Undergraduate-Level Grading

Graders must be pursuing or have at least a Master's degree in that or a closely-related academic discipline. Upper-division undergraduate students might be considered to grade a lower-division undergraduate course, but they would need to be pursuing a major in that discipline, have a high GPA and an "A" in that (or an equivalent) course.

High-School-Level Grading

Graders must be pursuing or have an undergraduate degree in that subject or a closely-related academic discipline.

Master's-Level Grading

Graders must be pursuing or have a PhD in that or a closely-related academic Discipline. Given the nature of this kind of work, it's not possible to predict how much work one can get (or how much it will pay) ahead of time, but each job posted will mention the Total Job Fee offered., the time-window in which grading must be carried out, and other specifications that help Graders assess whether or not to accept a job.

How Gradify Works

When an educator submits a grading job, Gradify's AI-powered matching engine will invite approved graders whose professional background is a good match to respond to the job. At that point, graders can decline, accept, counter-bid or request more information about the job. Once the contracting process has been completed, the educator uploads student assignments and any other guidelines via a private interface, allowing the two individuals to communicate securely throughout the grading process. At the end, the educator and the grader rate each other on a set of criteria.