Grade for America®

The Cause

Hundreds, if not thousands, of school-districts and colleges are under-funded, with the result that their teachers and instructors are coping, though just barely, with teaching more and larger classes, and, in many instances, paying for supplies with personal funds. It shouldn't be this way in America, but it is.

Giving Back

To do its part to address this challenge, Gradify set up a give-back initiative called Grade for America® (GFA), designed for educators in high-need colleges and school-districts to benefit from the services of a grader at no charge to them.  Here's how it works.

Grade for America

Volunteers interested in serving as a pro bono grader sign up with Gradify. Their applications are subject to the same selection criteria, vetting and orientation, as do regular grader-applicants. Grading adheres to the same processes to ensure academic rigor and quality described elsewhere on this site. The only difference is that GFA-graders' services would be offered for free to qualifying educators. Gradify's AI-based matching algorithm would still determine the assignment of a grader, except that the matches would be among GFA graders and GFA-eligible educators.

Criteria for GFA-Eligible Educators

GFA-eligible educators are employed in the nation's poorest school districts or colleges. Other eligibility criteria include a combination of the following: large class-sizes, a high proportion of the student body eligible for or availing of free or reduced-price meals, underserved communities and minority-serving institutions (HBCU, PBI, HSI, TCU, NANTI, ANNHI or AANAPISI).


  1. Sign-up on Gradify as an Educator    AND
  2. Complete this Instructor Application to Be a GFA-Recipient Educator


  1. Sign-up on Gradify as a Grader and, in doing so, be sure to...
  2. Explain in your cover letter your motivation to volunteer for GFA.